Who is DJ Brow?

I have been mesmerized by music at a very early age and have been exposed to all different types of music. From tejano to hip hop, music is in my blood and cannot live without it. I started mixing and experimenting with hip hop when I was very young. I used to produce the pause-button style mix tapes with two different tape recorders and a handful of spliced wires. After dreaming about it for many years after, I finally got my first set of turntables and mixer in 1996.

The whole set up was very cheap and horrible but I was finally scratching and mixing on vinyl.  Weekend after weekend, I would go to nearby cities such as Indianapolis and Chicago to build up my vinyl collection and dig myself deeper into hip hop…it was my drug.

For some years after that, life and work eventually got in the way and my turntables ended up at the bottom of a junk pile in my shed. I slacked off from mixing and even recall trying to revive the set from time to time.  Although my love for hip hop was still strong, I put it in my head that my scratching and mixing days were over.

On my 32nd birthday, my family surpised me with a brand new set of turntables and the burning fire started all over again!  I remember the excitement of being able to have that chance again like it were yesterday.  I began to dust off old vinyl and took some fun trips down memory lane.

A few months later, I discoverd "digital mixing" by accident.  I remember watching tutorial videos on how to scratch ( they didn’t have that stuff when I first started ) and relalized that the guy was scratching and mixing with mp3s from his laptop.  I was blown away by this and soon after that, I had a full digital dj set up.

Today, I digitally scratch and mix as often as I can. I constantly look for new techniques and beats to keep me up to date and dont plan on stopping until my arms fall off.

Wait, there's more...

I am also the official video editor of Ed Lover's C'mon Son series, Sikmixx Radio's webdesign and graphic artist. I also run a business called BrowCo where I provide creative media and design services to the world.